November 6-7, 2015

Durres, Albania

4th International Conference on Civil Engineering, Infrastructure and Environment

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in our 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering, Infrastructure and Environment 2015.

Scope and Topics

The aim of the conference is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between innovative academics, post-graduate students, doctoral candidates, young researchers, researchers and industrial experts and to share views and experiences in the field of civil engineering, infrastructure and environment and other related areas.

Papers and presentations should address topics like:

  • Structural Engineering including Steel, Bridge, Composite, Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures
  • Soil-Structure Interaction
  • Energy efficiency and building materials
  • Road & Bridge engineering
  • Structural and building engineering
  • Sustainable constructions
  • Heritage constructions
  • Constructions norms and standardization
  • Buildings performance
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Linear and Non-linear Dynamics
  • Analysis of Semi-rigid Connections
  • Transport and Highways Engineering
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Dam Engineering
  • Slope Design
  • Civil Engineering Surveying
  • Civil Engineering Management
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • GIS
  • Modelling of Concrete Durability
  • Offshore Structures
  • Wind Engineering
  • Quality Assessment
  • Numerical Modeling in Geotechnics
  • Monitoring of Structures & Buildings
  • Seismic Response of Structures and the Environment due to Transport
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Timber Structures
  • Structural Damage Detection and Identification
  • Stochastic Mechanics and Reliability
  • Fire Structural Design
  • Multi Scale Modelling, Multi-Scale Analysis
  • Any other topic related to Civil Engineering, Infrastructure and Environment


Organizers and Sponsors



  • UBT - Prishtina, Kosova


Technical Co-sponsors:



Phone: +381 (038) 541 400
Fax: +381 38 138 542
E-mail: [email protected]

Actual book of Proceedings, Nov 2015


UBT Conferences 2015 are hosted by the UBT.
The conference organisation is also supported by the University of Vlora and University of Tirana




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