UBT International Conference 2018

International Conferences on Architecture and Spatial Planning

October 26-28, 2018

Pristina, Kosovo

7th International Conference on Architecture and Spatial Planning

It is our pleasure to solicit your submission of innovative papers for International Conference on Architecture and Spatial Planning.

Scope and Topics

The aim of the conference is to bring together the researchers, scientists and practitioners with industry and academic backgrounds to present new research results, new ideas exchange their experiences and collaborate for possible future work on scientific research. The special focus is on identifying strategies for overcoming architectural - urban and construction disparities and barriers to ensure sustainable.

The scope of the conference will cover but is not limited to:

Sustainability/Efficiency Architecture

The conference ICASP is addressed to energy researchers and energy efficiency experts, academics, policy makers at international, national, and local level, buildings energy and environmental managers, buildings engineers and architects, investors, with the aim to promote and diffuse the concept of energy efficiency in new and existing buildings, low consumption and sustainable buildings. The conference might cover also the topic of smart and sustainable districts, communities and cities, as energy systems efficiency and renewable energies are often optimized at district or city level. The topics might cover:

Architectural and Urban Heritage

The conference focuses on cultural heritage issues within the architecture of the South-Eastern European region. We encourage to hand in papers dealing with documentation, inventory and recording of the traditional architecture of the Balkan peninsula. All topics discussing matters of classic architectural history from ancient to modern times are equally welcomed to matters of anonymous and vernacular architecture. Preferred is the analysis and evaluation of the architectural heritage of Balkans within a global context. Parallel the conference serves as platform to illustrate the current risks and threats for the cultural heritage of the region, raise the awareness for its universal values and promote solutions in the field of revitalization, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of existing building structures.

Urban Planning/Design/ Landscape

The conference urban module, is related on Urban development perspective. Authors are encouraged to deal with specific urban development issues related with: analyses and evaluation, planning and design and implementation modern concepts. Those in relation of treating possibilities which can be useful for urban challenges specially in Countries under development and sustainable perspectives for developed Countries.

Architectural History and Theory

Main aim of the conference is to involve new and already practiced researchers to focus their interest on the topics regarding History and Theory of architecture. Study topics can be from ancient to modern cases/ problems, in both- history and theory matters. Written or Oral, they both can drag our interest of collecting and presenting the new efforts in science.

Management in Architecture and Urban Fields

The field of Management and system approach in design, construction and engineering is a field that involves all stakeholders aiming optimization of time from idea to final building construction. Field of Architecture sector is a rapidly evolving discipline, with different interpretations and applications by all stakeholders. Management of entire design process (from idea to final Project) and Project implementation (construction process for finalizing building structure) is of big interest for maximizing value to all stakeholders. Nowadays this process requires more focus on building life cycle that involves as well the “end of life” concept in design and construction process. Considering life cycle of building as new systems approach for future developments in the field of Architecture.


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