University Education for Business and Technology

International Conference on Business, Technology and Innovation 2014

About the Conference

The aim of the conference is to bring together the researchers, scientists and practitioners with industry and academic backgrounds to present new research results, new ideas exchange their experiences and collaborate for possible future work on scientific research.

This conference aims at providing a multidisciplinary forum between researchers from industry and academia to discuss state-of-the-art topics in the areas of business and technology and present recent research results and prospects for development in these evolving areas.

The aim of the conference is to further facilitate the exchange of  knowledge  between  academic  scientists,  researchers, industry  researchers  and  practitioners  to  increase collaboration while presenting and discussing different ideas, challenges, and potential solutions on established or emerging topics related to research and practice in computer science and information systems.

1.Computer Science and Information Systems
2.Management, Business and Economics
3.Mechatronics and Robotics
4.Architecture and Spatial Planning

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